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Only good communications sold here.

Monday, October 4th, 2010

I had a client once who didn’t want to start a blog because he didn’t like the sound of the word “blog.” At the time, blogs were abounding, and it would’ve been a great communications tool for him. But I could never convince him. He simply hated the word “blog,” even though I explained it was short for Web log. Today, bloggers are a dime a dozen. Companies can find bloggers on Internet writing sites who’ll write a blog for as little as 99 cents. Blogging and the Internet have made everyone a writer. Because of this, the art of writing has become somewhat devalued. I believe that good writing is still a gift, and that people value good communications. People know when they’re reading something that’s bad, or being had. The way we use words matters, and good use of words – and how they sound together — can help companies and organizations stand apart in a world of in-your-face marketing. I know you value good writing, or you wouldn’t be checking out my Web site. Only good communications sold here.